From Hon'ble Chief Minister's Desk

Sh. Jai Ram Thakur

Himachal Pradesh University is the only University of the state which came into existence in 1971 and I am proud that it has achieved unparallel success in the field of education.

The University aims at developing students into scholarly, cultured individuals and worthy citizens with sound character. The prime objective of the university is to disseminate advanced knowledge, wisdom and understanding through teaching and research. For achieving its goals, the University intends to promote advanced learning through teaching, research and extension programmes. One of its major objectives is to inculcate in its students and teachers a consciousness regarding the social concerns of the country and preparing them for addressing these concerns. Located far from the main city. the campus is blessed with serene and pious ethos, crucial to teaching and learning. 

I hope that in future the University will continue to achieve higher ethical standards in relation to all its goals and actions, academic collaboration and networking with other institutions, both in India and abroad and  act as a catalytic agent between academia, government and society.

 The University focuses on overall infrastructural development of knowledge generation, preservation and exchange at the State, National and International levels, promoting free interaction between Government and private section.